I am an actor, writer, and translator. I have trained with Susan Giosa and with the teachers at Studio4, including Matthew Scott Snyder, Sean Barnes, Lak Rana, Wilmer Calderon, James Franco, and Robyn Cohen. I was cast as a lead (Mrs. Stone) in the Studio4/Rabbit Bandini feature film EVIL DAYS, a role that required a double preparation due to my character existing both in reality and in a dream sequence. Dreams, doubling, translation, the blur of identity, our multiple selves — it is no surprise that I love the poetry of Fernando Pessoa, and that Virginia Woolf’s ORLANDO is my favorite novel. I am working on several scripts that feature feisty female characters. My translation of Clarice Lispector’s novel THE CHANDELIER is forthcoming with New Directions. My essays, reviews, interviews and other writing can be found at www.magdalenaedwards.com. I am working on a book about the work of poet and translator Elizabeth Bishop, whose poem “One Art” reminds us that “the art of losing isn’t hard to master.” Love and loss, life and death. Find me on Instagram @magda8lena and @magdalena_emar