NOURISHMENT FOR ARTISTS 1.0 -- Blade Runner 2049 by Magdalena Edwards

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049

It’s been a wonderful summer — I had the chance to travel to Brazil and to France, two countries with incredible traditions in arts & cultures. I made sure to attend performances and watch films in both places. There is nothing I love more than watching films, especially when I’m in transit from one place to another. On my way home from France I watched — finally — Blade Runner 2049, a film directed by Denis Villeneuve. The visual aspect is stunning and the story is mysterious and thrilling. Ryan Gosling is a fantastic actor, and his scenes with Harrison Ford are beyond inspiring. The women in the film hold their own weight and do things I’m not sure I’ve seen on film before — surely this is a collaboration between each actress and the director: Robin Wright, Sylvia Hoeks, Ana de Armas, Mackenzie Davis, and Carla Juri. I was also happy to see Jared Leto (always stunning & weird), Dave Bautista, and Edward James Olmos. Good actors can create a whole life, a person fully formed, in a few simple moments in a tiny scene. You don’t have to be a lead to make a movie pulsate with life, meaning, stakes. One of my favorite moments in the film is when Rick Deckard, Harrison Ford’s character, says to Ryan Gosling’s lost and broken 21st-century man: “Sometimes to love someone you gotta be a stranger.”

And with that, here’s my first installment in a series of blog posts I’m going to call “Nourishment for Artists” — because we have to nourish ourselves with the work of other artists. It’s the only way!


FFF Update -- New Insta-Films + Micro Mini-Series CRIME by Magdalena Edwards

I’m working on Insta-films (under one minute) for Female Filmmaker Friday:


CRIME — A MICRO MINI-SERIES starring Magdalena Emar & Tatiana Turtelli
Crime: 1.Espelho/Mirror.
Crime: 2.Fazer/To Do.  Crime: 3.Dança/Dance.


Imagine a Woman/Imagina Uma Mulher. Imagine a Woman 2/Imagina Uma Mulher 2.

Never Hurts to Ask
Look at Me
The Red Backpack


"LOOK AT ME" Directed by & Featuring Magdalena Emar (@memar 2018)

"LOOK AT ME" Directed by & Featuring Magdalena Emar (@memar 2018)

Female Filmmaker Friday by Magdalena Edwards

"Never Hurts to Ask" Directed by & Featuring Magdalena Emar @MEMAR 2018

Never Hurts to Ask editing.jpg

I'm making mini-films every week in the spirit of Female Filmmaker Friday #ffmf & it's super fun.

Each mini-film is less than one minute long, so I can put it up on Instagram. And so I can keep things moving & interesting. Less is more. Constraint is poetry. 

I treat the weekly project like an exercise, where I get to learn and play and make mistakes. 

Here are the first three: 

#3 "Never Hurts to Ask" 

#2 "Look at Me"

#1 "The Red Backpack"

Thanks for watching & supporting a female filmmaker!